Recommendations for migration procedures

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The types of digital objects suitable for migration are text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, audio, video and images. It is recommended to use a purposeful converter, preferably an open source one that produces the least amount of errors. All files should be checked before and after conversion for readability and errors. A simple way of achieving this is by opening and playing the content in suitable software and comparing properties such as dimensions or length of film, depending on the type of file.

The embedding of metadata about the migration process should be done during conversion. It should be done both in the new file format itself and in the metadata database. Complex, software-based art, net art, or e.g., art made for CD-ROMs will have extra requirements to guarantee the preservation of their significant properties. When the files of software based art is stored on obsolete equipment or in an obsolete format, migration might affect the functionality. It cannot therefore be used as the only solution. A more complex procedure, such as emulation, would be needed.